Know Your Client [KYC]

KYC is a term in Financial Services and is a requirement within the Wealth Management world around understanding your client and their goals / objectives to make sure their portfolio matches those goals re asset mix versus what makes the broker the most money. I would like to borrow the…

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The 3-Month Strategic Plan

A few nights ago, I was having dinner with some friends, who are also business colleagues. A question came up at the table re how one the guys approaches strategic planning. He is the CEO of Financial Institution [a large Credit Union to be specific]. His answer was interesting based…

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Negotiation Lessons From A 4-Year-Old

Children are renowned for their constant negotiation of even the simple things in life. What continues to surprise me is the apparent sophistication with which they approach the task. How planned it is may be hard to judge, but the effectiveness is not. My son will be five in a…

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