The Magic of 250

Sir Anthony Hopkins is one of the most respected and successful actors in the world. I was reading an article about him the other day and I was struck by his process for preparing for a play or a movie. He stated that he always reads his lines out loud…

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Premature Selling

As we meet with various sales leaders and salespeople, we are finding a common theme emerging.  Many salespeople are presenting their “solution” to the client far too early in the sales process. As we dig into the reasons for this behavior we have uncovered some consistent explanations as to why Premature Selling…

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Will it play in Peoria?

Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse some more. The phrase “Will it play in Peoria?” has been around for over 100 years. Derived from Horatio Alger’s book, Five Hundred Dollars, the phrase evolved into its current form after being repeated often by Groucho Marx. It signifies that if a show is successful…

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