Leader Coaching

Strong sales leadership in your company is key to its success, as it is the critical link between strategy and execution. When you are entering into any kind of transformation or change, aligned sales leadership will make the difference in successfully driving that change.

However, what we’ve seen is that companies are investing less in developing strong sales leaders, whereas we believe focusing on enhancing their skills should be a top priority.

Sales leaders also need to be on the same page for any type of company transformation to be successful. This can be achieved through the creation of a forum to help your sales leaders become committed to the change journey, as well as develop their ability to lead, manage and coach.

Sales Training

With a sales process in place, sales training will help align your individual sales teams to put the plan in motion. We recommend you train to the Process and reinforce investments you have made in Sales Methodology.

Most clients we work with struggle with the return they have seen from Sales Methodology investments. We have seen and been trained on all flavours, but have of course developed certain biases as times have changed. Although we spend a lot of our time working with CEB [now Gartner] as faculty members in their Sales & Marketing practise, we believe in their “Challenger Sale” data and approach but have experienced a lot of positives with other methodologies.

We customize training to fit the situation and the goal of the client. We want to help clients create leverage through training and to capitalize on previous investments.

Your goal as a business leader is to grow revenue or increase sales

…seems simple enough, but it’s a task that’s easier said than done, especially with today’s challenges of stagnant organic growth and increased competition.

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Take the First Step

Tactical Playbook Creation

When you think of the concept of a Tactical Playbook, what comes to mind? If you have developed a differentiated Sales Process, then logically at each step you have imbedded consistent tactics [and tools to enable teams] that do two key things. Those two key things are that the tactic or request creates real value for the client and thus momentum for your opportunity.

We develop Tactics at each phase with clients and then develop tools and train teams to enable the outcome you desire. One of the bi-products that you create is that you drive tactical awareness into your teams through repetition and consistency. It frees teams up to react and constructively debate tactics based on what they know [or don’t].

Change is Hard

We hear the term “transformation” all the time when talking with clients. Companies and people may know change is required, but may not what to do [or why] or drastically under estimate the scope of what is truly required. We wrote this book to be a quick and idea filled guide of things to consider if you believe transformation is required.

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